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It Was Me. Diary 1900–1999

It Was Me. Diary 1900–1999

Daniela Comani’s project It Was Me. Diary 1900–1999 is a diary of 366 days (from January 1st to December 31st) on facts that really happened in the 20th Century. The diary is written in the first person and the narrator assumes alternatively the role of the victim and the role of the perpetrator, as individual – impossible – author of the pregnant events in the history of a whole century. The chronology in the appendix indicates the years of the facts everyday.

Beside this book, It Was Me. Diary 1900–1999 exists in different mediums: as audio installation (CD, 66 min.), as digital print on vinyl cloth (118 x 236 in.) and as site specific version for outside; as edition on paper or cloth (35 x 70 in.) It Was Me. Diary 1900–1999 has been written by the artist in German first, then translated into Italian, English, french, Chinese and Swedish. Since 2012 It Was Me. Diary 1900–1999 is available as app (for iOS) in four languages (de, en, fr, it).

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