Archive Souq @ HKW


The bookstore at HKW draws inspiration from the souk—that is the heart of a city, a place of gathering, interaction, and intervention—and reimagines the library as a collaborative place for nurturing radical imagination and resistance. 


Visitors are invited to delve into literacies that question hegemonic worldviews and resist rigid categorizations. They are also encouraged to experiment with multisensorial exchanges through books, records, textiles, and poems to confront the ongoing neocolonial and patriarchal aspects of our current society.

The bookshop will offer them a temporary space for co-learning and imagination, storytelling, and knowledge-sharing. It serves as an invitation to ground together and proactively find the modes for addressing pressing issues like unethical capitalist strategies, ecological disasters, gender inequality, racism, discriminatory politics, and forms of silencing dissent among others.