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Anabases is a project initiated by the artist Eric Baudelaire and conceived as a conversation between his own practice and the research of the philosopher Pierre Zaoui and the cinema theorist Jean-Pierre Rehm. It revolves around the notion of ‘anabasis’, a topic that has been explored in various fields and times, from Xénophon to Alain Badiou, through the poets Saint John Perse and Paul Celan. Anabasis is used to describe a period of ‘uncertain wandering and without guide’ through unknown and dangerous lands that ends when one returns to the native land. Each chapter collects documentary materials which are at the root of projects: chronologies, archival photos, maps, pages from books and newspapers. These documents tell a story that becomes the starting point of forms and films that Baudelaire realizes.

Published following the exhibitions at Centre d’art contemporain la synagogue de Delme, curated by Marie Cozette, and at Gasworks, curated by Robert Leckie. With the support of CNAP Centre national des arts plastiques; Fluxus Art Project – Franco British programme for contemporary art; Galerie Greta Meert; Galería Juana de Aizpuru.

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