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Chimurenga Chronic

Chimurenga Chronic: Muzmin (May 2015)

Chimurenga Chronic: Muzmin (May 2015)

The Sahara in Not a Boundary – a special Arabic edition of the Chronic.

In the minds of many, the Sahara exists as a boundary between the Maghreb and “Black Africa”. History and our lived experience tell a different story. This issue of the Chronic, bears testimony to this.

Designed in collaboration with Studio Safar in Beirut, and published in its entirety in Arabic as Muzmin, this special edition of the Chronic argues that the Sahara has never been a boundary, real or imagined. Trade caravans, intellectuals, literatures, human resources and political ideas have long circulated from Timbuktu to Marrakesh, from Khartoum to Tunis and Cairo and beyond.

Contributors in this issue include Helmi Sharawy, Akin Adesokan, Wendell Hassan MarshJamal Mahjoub, Rayanne Tabet, Nisreen Kaj, Rasheed Araeen, Mongo Beti and more

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