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Displacing Theory Through the Global South

Displacing Theory Through the Global South

Displacing Theory Through the Global South calls for reflection on the historical and geopolitical inequalities that have shaped theorization. It asserts that what appears ‘universal’ often involves generalizations that flatten the particular. Critiquing the colonialist, imperialist, and Eurocentric perspectives that have historically impacted theorization in general and, more specifically, knowledge production about the so-called Global South, this volume seeks a different form of engagement that moves beyond such strictures. Featuring essays that unsettle distinctions between the general and the particular, it proposes a commitment to expanding notions of universality, making theorization not only relevant and generative, but ultimately, transformative.

ISBN 978-3-96558-066-4 | Hardcover | 38 EUR

ISBN 978-3-96558-067-1 | Paperback | 14 EUR
vi, 229 pp. | 20.3 cm x 12.7 cm

ISBN 978-3-96558-068-8 | PDF | Open Access
ISBN 978-3-96558-069-5 | EPUB | Open Access

Cultural Inquiry, 29
ISSN (Print): 2627-728X
ISSN (Online): 2627-731X


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