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Steve Mekoudja



Introspections is Steve Mekoudja's second album, due for release on October 20. It's a 10-track album celebrating self-love.

A journey inside ourselves, a call to search for ourselves, a call to accept and express our emotions. What does it mean to be a man today? A black man in today's world.

The album opens with a song about the birth of a man. From his mother's womb, the world already expects him to be strong and courageous. Every day. All the time. But is that really what it means to be a man?

Violins, double bass and acoustic guitar are the central instruments of this project, which blends poetry and melancholy. But also dance. The middle of the project is a little more danceable, inviting
 influences such as Zouk and Trap.

The project ends on a hopeful note, after all the questioning about masculinity, depression and self-love.

The last track sends a message of hope.


1. 1993 Feat. Latedjou
2. Ami Éternel
3. Désolé
4. Mes Rêves
5. Mon fils
6. Un homme
7. Tu cherches la vie
8. Octobre
9. Je t'aimerai toujours
10. Take Me

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