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Semiospace, A Spaced Out Artistic Experiment

Semiospace, A Spaced Out Artistic Experiment

Semiospace; the polysemic concept proliferates, progresses by folding and unfolding, according to a model in permanent expansion. It serves as a working methodology and as an installation in motion. Its generative dynamics reveals little by little its ambition of theory of the whole and lets itself be carried in the chaos of the cosmos. Is it a matter of reading the signs of the universe to better organize them into fictitious models and alternative realities? Or to propose architectures of the discursive space to travel always further in the depths of the thought?

Like a monograph of another kind, the semiospace also allows to present the work of the artist Raphaële Bidault-Waddington by proposing a panorama of its three laboratories of creations; Laboratory of engineering of ideas, Small industry of the sensory image, Poetic Refinery.

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