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Bored Wolves

Serpentine by Tara K. Shepersky & Lucy Bellwood

Serpentine by Tara K. Shepersky & Lucy Bellwood

Poems by Tara K. Shepersky
Paintings by Lucy Bellwood


Let an island
in the braided stream
choose you

Serpentine is poet Tara K. Shepersky’s topography of the California that raised and sustains her, landmarked by sites of homecoming and haven: a sinuous verdigris river triangulates with coastal tide scooping out pools of curiosity and mountains backing her up like deep-rooted friends. Equally at home on these shared shores, artist Lucy Bellwood unsaddles easel, cups the colors of water, and composes beckoning landscapes recalling glass plate negatives, here cushioned for the bare-soled wanderer’s return.

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