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Tom Bonsundy-O’Bryan

Football, War & Peace

Football, War & Peace

Global leaders like Nelson Mandela have lauded football's ability to bring the world together. But football can also be disruptive, exclusionary, and fan the flames of violence. Governments, rebels, and terrorists alike have all successfully manipulated the sport at times of war to push their agendas.


In 'Football, War & Peace', Tom Bonsundy-O'Bryan explores how the world's most popular sport has divided communities and triggered violent conflict in some contexts - while in others, helping to build new inclusive identities and promoting non-violent ways to resolve conflicts.


From Afghanistan to Western Sahara, Côte d'Ivoire to Syria, and Lebanon to Northern Ireland, 'Football, War & Peace' tells the stories of football and footballers playing under the most challenging circumstances imaginable. Bonsundy-O'Bryan brings these perspectives together to propose a new framework to better understand the complex relationship between soccer and stability - and three ways for FIFA, football clubs, and fans alike to help maximise the sport's potential contributions to peace.

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