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Weaving Realities

Ancestral Recipes, seed of memory

Ancestral Recipes, seed of memory

Weaving Realities: Seed of Memory

Weaving Realities uses art as a platform to amplify voices and stories that have been silenced, and to re-member the worlds of meanings that have been erased. The artist collective departs from ancestral recipes to open a space for learning diverse types of Earth knowledges, which contribute to heal our relation to food, to land, and to the life of others.


Their work intends to interweave different alternative ways of relating to the world other than exploitation, appropriation or consumption. Weaving Realities’ relation to mother Earth is reflected profoundly in their relation with food. They use the kitchen as a space to question and rethink our relation with the entire food production chain, from the land, the producers to our dinner table. Cooking then becomes a form of resistance in revival of ancestral knowledges, while being conscious about our own relations to the life of others.


Weaving Realities consists of Yuchen Li and Aldo Esparza Ramos, who are based in Amsterdam.

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